[GB] Keycap Buddy "Tomodachi" Desk Mats
[GB] Keycap Buddy "Tomodachi" Desk Mats
Deskmat - White on Black ***SOLD OUT***
[GB] Keycap Buddy "Tomodachi" Desk Mats
Deskmat - Grey on Grey ***SOLD OUT***
[GB] Keycap Buddy "Tomodachi" Desk Mats
Deskmat - Starry Night ***SOLD OUT***
[GB] Keycap Buddy "Tomodachi" Desk Mats
Deskmat - Dreamy ***SOLD OUT***


[GB] Keycap Buddy "Tomodachi" Desk Mats

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Keycap Buddy "Tomodachi":

Keycap Buddy "Tomodachi"


Always watching

Have you ever needed a friend? Keycap Buddy will always be your friend! Our Keycap Buddy Desk Mat will be there for all your gaming, productivity, and desk setup needs. Keycap Buddy says ともだち or "Tomodachi," which means friend in Japanese (lettering written in Hiragana).

Featuring a premium micro-fiber cloth surface and anti-slip back side, our desk mats/mouse pads are designed to provide a smooth and comfortable surface for your gaming and productivity needs. We use the latest dye-sublimated printing technology to ensure they are printed for durability and longevity. They are also perfect for protecting your desk and peripherals from wear and tear.

Treated Cloth top
Stitched edges
Rubber bottom
Designed by Ivanh

900x400x4mm and ~800g
Machine washable (wash on cold/gentle - air dry)

GB End - 4 March
Estimate Shipping - Q3 2022

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