[GB] KDS Squidkid
[GB] KDS Squidkid
[GB] KDS Squidkid
[GB] KDS Squidkid
[GB] KDS Squidkid


[GB] KDS Squidkid

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Claim your space with KDS Squidkid – This set gives off a street art style with its vibrant pink and green contrasting the concrete grey. Take back your turf by leaving your mark.

Boasting the all-in-one kitting we've come to love from KDS, Squidkid includes all the keys you will need - from 40s support to accent F-row keys.

Dye-Sublimation PBT by KDS
Cherry Profile
Designed by musical_ink

GB End - 10 October
Estimate Shipping - Q1 2023

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