[GB] KDS Dangerzone
[GB] KDS Dangerzone
[GB] KDS Dangerzone
[GB] KDS Dangerzone
[GB] KDS Dangerzone


[GB] KDS Dangerzone

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For anyone who appreciates a well-placed warning sign, we bring you the KDS Dangerzone. Its jet black and caution tape yellow celebrate cautionary icons in all their eye-catching immediacy.

The base includes a full-sized kit with alphas, numerals, F-row, modifiers, arrow keys, and numpad. It also includes a collection of novelty hazard symbols representing ionizing radiation, high voltage, flammable substance, tsunami zone, harmful if swallowed, and chemical irritation.

However, the quality of these keycaps doesn't require a warning sign. Made of PBT plastic and with the KDS dye-sublimation process, they don't absorb oil, get shiny, or fade over time. Sculpted in Cherry profile, these keys are made to be comfortable and are perfect for long sessions of typing, gaming, and programming.

Dye-Sublimation PBT by KDS
Cherry Profile
Designed by KBD Nerd

GB End - 25 July
Estimate Shipping - Q4 2022

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