Kailh and Novelkeys Thick Click Navy Front

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Kailh Thick Click BOX Switches

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Delight your fingertips with Kailh and Novelkeys' Thick Click BOX switches and their super tactile typing experience.

Thick Click BOX switches feature a thicker click-bar that leaves these unrivaled when it comes to MX style clicky switches.

Offering a typing experience within a similar realm to buckling springs, Thick Click BOX switches offer a decent middle ground.

Pairing that juicy tactile, clicky feedback with MX stems makes it hard to say no to these loud bois.

These have been retooled with the fixed x-axis
Sold in packs of 10

Thick Click
Jade - 50g
Navy - 60g

 g - represents Operating Force

That thick click-bar makes these switches super tactile, way more than MX Blues, which make a deeper louder click when pressed.

See why everyone who gets their hands on these can't stop raving about them.

Picture is of non retooled BOX switches