JTK Trays
JTK Trays

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JTK Trays

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Say goodbye to GMK's flimsy trays!

Enjoy $25 price until GMK fixes their packaging. Not eligible for free shipping with discount code. If you use a free shipping code, you will receive a shipping invoice.

After a long awaited period, JTK is finally ready to sell their sought after JTK Keycap Trays.

Made of polycarbonate plastic, these trays are transparent, and solid. They even stack on top of one another!

A set of trays is enough to fit a GMK base set. It's likely you will need more to fit extras.

2 trays fits base GMK sets
Sold in lots of 2
Polycarbonate plastic
Not compatible with SA or MT3

 1 x Max tray will fit most base kits
Max trays fit all profiles however fit on smaller profile caps is less snug and they may move around