Ikki68 Aurora - Devoted Edition

Ikki68 Aurora - Devoted Edition

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Are you fully devoted?

Ikki68 Aurora is an affordable, injection molded, polycarbonate case, gasket-mount keyboard kit from Wuque Studio, the people behind Ikki68, OA Switches and more!

Every Aurora comes with a multi-layout, hot swap PCB powered by QMK and VIA. You can choose any or all of the following: split backspace, split right shift, split left shift, split spacebars and ISO enter...no soldering required!

The Aurora uses a variable gasket structure where you can choose how many mounting points to use in order to adjust the amount of bounce / firmness to your liking. You can also customize the keyboard with one of many extra badge designs in several different colors!

65% + Macro cluster Layout
Hotswap PCB
VIA Compatible
Underglow RGB lighting
Silkscreened Thorn Pattern

Top and Bottom case
1.5mm Purple Aluminium Plate
Devoted purple badge
Silicon case and plate pads
Dark gray padded storage case
75 x Devoted Themed JWK 63.5g tactile switches
Devoted Matched OA Stabilisers
Coiled USB C cable
Hardware, Mounting Gaskets

Not in Australia?
Mechs & Co (North America)
MyKeybaord (Europe)
DeskHero (Canada)


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