Idyllic Switch Mod Station
Matte Black ***SOLD OUT***
Idyllic Switch Mod Station
Idyllic Switch Mod Station
Pastel Green ***SOLD OUT***
Idyllic Switch Mod Station
Idyllic Switch Mod Station
Idyllic Switch Mod Station
Pastel Purple ***SOLD OUT***
Idyllic Switch Mod Station


Idyllic Switch Mod Station

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Improve your workflow while working at a comfortable pace

Keep yourself organized while modifying switches with Idyllic’s unique and methodical approach to switch modding.

Having too many switches open at once can sometimes end up becoming too overwhelming, too quickly. Parts are everywhere, it's hard to know where to start and you’re too far in to just pack everything away.

Unlike other lube stations, Idyllic’s design has reasonable amounts of space between each cutout, making it easier to navigate and apply switch films. Additionally, the cutout allows switches to be closed while in the station. Position the top housing over the bottom and push down to close — make sure you have the orientation correct.

This Station is designed to keep all your switch parts within arms reach, by incorporating specially designed cutouts which provide convenient locations for the housing, spring and stem.
There is also a circular spot to hold your lubricant container and an atypical horizontally positioned brush holder for when you need a momentary pause.

It’s ideal to work on opened switches as quickly as possible because the longer they’re open and exposed, the higher the chance they could collect dust. A maximum of 10 switches can be held in this lube station because Idyllic believes this is a safe number of switches to do per batch, while not having parts uncovered for too long.

If you're not able to find several hours in your day to dedicate to switch modding due to other priorities, perhaps having shorter sessions to complete smaller batches more consistently is an approach that works well with your lifestyle.



The Pastel variant uses premium materials and has smooth, high gloss edges while the Black variant uses a more economical type of cast acrylic.

Holds 10 switches
230mm x 142mm x 10mm

Pastel Green or Purple Mod Station
1x Satin Pastel Top Piece
2x Clear Bottom Pieces
2x Acrylic brush holders
4x Gold Screws
6x Rubber Feet

Matte Black Mod Station
1x Matte Black Top Piece
2x Acrylic brush holders
2x Gloss Black Bottom Pieces
4x Anodized Black Screw
6x Rubber Feet

(Requires Assembly)
Build Guide: Here

Disclaimer: Due to the processing method, small scratches may be present on the Black underside surface.