[GB] Hoodrow-G PCB
[GB] Hoodrow-G PCB
[GB] Hoodrow-G PCB

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[GB] Hoodrow-G PCB

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Finally re-build!

The Hoodrow-G PCB is a drop in replacement PCB + Daughterboard for the Matrix 1.2og keyboard. This is not a standard TKL PCB, and has only been tested on 1.2og for compatibility.

Breath some life back into that custom with another build!

Matrix 1.2og Replacement PCB
MX Compatible
Programmable via QMK or VIA
Indicator led support

PCB (1.2mm/Red)
Lightbar Daughterboard
Acrylic Diffuser
Rubber Piece (to prevent light-bleed)
JST Header
JST Cable
Stabilizer Shims

GB End - 4 August
Estimate Shipping - Q4 2021

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