HIBI & BOO 2022
HIBI & BOO 2022
HIBI & BOO 2022
HIBI & BOO 2022


HIBI & BOO 2022

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Which witch is which

HIBI offers a collectable tray and knob to celebrate Halloween, sure to lift your spirits this spooky season.

Our treat-friendly tray features spooktacular artwork. We’ve also carved out a gourd-geous pumpkin knob which is #squashgoals.

So go on, treat (or trick) yourself!

Knob Details
Anodised aluminium w/ enamel fill

Tray Details
Anodised aluminium w/ dual-enamel fill, silicone base
Dimensions: 120.00mm*49.00mm*10.00mm

Not in Australia?
Space (US)
AshKeebs (CA)
proto[Typist] (UK)
Oblotzky (EU)