[GB] H88 TKL PCBs And Plates

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[GB] H88 TKL PCBs And Plates

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For all you F13 lovers out there!

H88 is the drop in replacement for the Jane V2 CE.

Heaps of compatibility including Standard ANSI and WKL bottom rows, ISO enter, short right and left shifts, 2u backspace. Top-side Mini USB port. Spacebar stab is under the spacebar switch (south-facing).

Note: the function row of this PCB is NOT COMPATIBLE with a standard TKL due to the inclusion of the F13 key.

A physical reset switch isn't present. So be sure to flash your board before you screw your case together!

This PCB is primarily designed for the TGR Jane V2, Finder Works N-Dash, KFE, al.bok, and maybe others

Alps/MX compatible
Programmable via QMK
RGB underglow
LED Compatible
Atmega32U4 MCU
In-switch indicator lights
Pins to solder a daughter board on
Fully soldered and pre-programmed

GB End - 7 June
Estimate Shipping - August 2020

Not in Australia?
Hineybush Keyboards

H88 Layout

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