[GB] H87a 1.8 TKL PCB

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[GB] H87a 1.8 TKL PCB

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Now with North and South Spacebar options. Please check the compatibility chart.

h87a - a fully-programmable PCB for custom a.87-layout tenkeyless (TKL) mechanical keyboards utilizing a USB Mini B connector.

There are two options - South and North spacebar. The South spacebar variant should fit most boards. The North variant is for boards with less internal clearance. If you are not sure which to get, please ask me about the specific board you are wanting the PCB for - I am in the process of including this information in the compatibility chart.

At this point only normal thickness (1.6mm) is available. The normal thickness (1.6mm) h87a is matte black with a matte black FR4 core.

Physical reset switch is back! On the bottom side, by the spacebar.

Here's the github for programming

Here's the QMK configurator for easy programming

h87a Compatibility Chart. More will be added once they've been tested. There is no guarantee that this PCB will fit your board. If uncertain wait until someone else tries it.

1.6mm thick 
Alps/MX compatible
Programmable via QMK and VIA. 
RGB underglow
One-color in-switch LED (not available with Alps)
Powered by Atmega32U4 MCU
No physical reset switch
In-switch indicator lights
Pins to solder a daughter board on
Fully soldered and pre-programmed with a basic TKL map out of the box
SPI pins
Breakaway USB port for cases that use USB daughter boards

GB End - 15 February
Estimate Shipping - Q2 2021

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H87A Layout

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