Godspeed75 Keyboard Kit

Godspeed75 Keyboard Kit

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A very speedy 75%

Inspired by the antihero speedster Godspeed, the Godspeed75 is a 75% top mount keyboard featuring a USB-C daughterboard and USB-A hub. The minimal design of the board is based off of the sleek and simple look of the golden villain. Designed by fropsie & BlindAssassin111.

GB opens Friday, January 25.
Renders by MetallicCharles, janglad, and fropsie.

As this is a kit, the PCB needs to be soldered, and you will require switches, stabilisers, and keycaps, to complete the build

5° case angle
Brass plate
Additional Plates: For the sake of simplicity, the plate file will be made open source.
Top mount
Custom Godspeed75 PCB designed by BlindAssassin111

Aluminium weight: 2.28kg
Polycarbonate weight: 1.41kg

Top and bottom case
1.5 mm brass plate
PCB and daughter board


Not in Australia?
TheKey.Company (North America)
Deskhero.ca (Canada)
zFrontier (Asia)
Candykeys (Europe)

Godspeed Edition – White

Zoom Edition – Black and Blue

Velocity Edition – Clear Polycarbonate and Nickel

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