GMK Umka
GMK Umka
GMK Umka
GMK Umka
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GMK Umka

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GMK Umka:

GMK Umka

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How do you pronounce Umka?

GMK Umka was introduced as subset in GMK Carbon R2 and it was pretty expensive for many people. Thus T0mbr3y would like to provide the more affordable Umka! This is fairly small offering which consists of only one base kit but it offers pretty wide coverage of basic 'enthusiast' layouts like Alice for example.

Mono-coloured base kits are super versatile and unifying for your board. Umka in particular in an off white, warm buttery colourway slides right into place on any of your boards. Simple, but different.

Double-shot ABS
Cherry Profile
Designed by T0mbr3y

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