[GB] GMK Tako Deskmats
Deskmat - Gold ***SOLD OUT***
[GB] GMK Tako Deskmats
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[GB] GMK Tako Deskmats

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GMK Tako:

GMK Tako


Deep sea Octopod

The deeper you dive the more the underwater life seems to change. Angler fish with big teeth and a dangly light to lure in its prey, giant overgrown squid that lurk, occasionally caught on camera by deep sea divers in shaky night vision footage. Amongst the horrors is this friendly eight limbed mollusc - the octopus!

In traditional keyset fashion GMK Tako is super accessible with a white alpha, feature coloured mods and a complementary accent colour. Dark purple will be a great pairing with tons of boards but especially good on a lot of the Lilac cases that will be arriving soon!

Treated Cloth top
Stitched edges
Rubber bottom
Designed by illu_Zn


900x400x4mm and ~800g
Machine washable (wash on cold/gentle - air dry)


GB End - 13 October
Estimate Shipping - Q4 2022

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