[Pre-Order] GMK Symbiote

[Pre-Order] GMK Symbiote

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🖬 DATA_LOG_S20210609: All containment efforts have failed. Symbiote spread out of control.

Introducing GMK Symbiote, an unknown life-form that possesses the ability to combine with mechanical objects, metamorphosized into a new type of hybrid organism. What started as a symbiotic relationship, turned into complete absorption of the host machine.

A retrofuturistic sci-fi themed mechanical keyboard keyset with pale & organic colors. Features translucent Membrane keys and new Standard Galactic Alphas.

Double-shot ABS
Cherry Profile
Designed by pikku-allu

GB End - 9 July
Estimate Shipping - Q3 2022
Rama Cap Estimated Shipping - 30 November 2021

Not in Australia?
Omnitype (NA)
iLumKB (SEA)


The visible inner structure of the doubleshot Membrane keycaps may differ in the final product. The inner “shot” was not originally designed to be seen and was meant to only be functional in the structure of the cap. This means that aesthetics of the inner shot are not regulated and will vary in how they will look showing through the translucent outer layer. We are using this as an opportunity for a unique aesthetic that goes beyond what the inner shot is meant for. The render here is showing the caps in the best scenarios, but the caps have a chance to have a more deformed or “mushed” look instead of the perfect mesh look in our renders. Even if this is the case, the aesthetic still fits within the theme of the set to achieve an imperfect organic look. Caps have been made with this method in the past for you to get a sense of what to expect. One major difference between the caps in this album and the membrane caps is that the legend/inner shot and the outer shot are similar colors to each other to achieve a "tone-on-tone" look. The Membrane caps have a warm white legend/inner shot with a light pink outer translucent layer which is higher contrast. By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to these terms.

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