GMK SkIIdata
GMK SkIIdata
GMK SkIIdata
GMK SkIIdata
Base Kit ***SOLD OUT***
GMK SkIIdata
40s Kit ***SOLD OUT***
GMK SkIIdata
V2 Mods Kit ***SOLD OUT***
GMK SkIIdata
Blank Relegendables ***SOLD OUT***
GMK SkIIdata
SkIIdata Relegendables ***SOLD OUT***
GMK SkIIdata
Spacebar Kit ***SOLD OUT***


GMK SkIIdata

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GMK SkIIdata:

GMK SkIIdata

Coming from Skidata systems, is a rebirth of a previous Cherry double-shot keyset

GMK SkIIdata features double-shot, bright orange alphas, on a dark grey backdrop. With quite a few child kits, you can even fit in a touch of blue in the right place.

A base kit will cover most keyboards but don't think you're left in the dark you strange layout aficionados. A 40s kit, Spacebar kit, extra colourful mods, and now, relegendable blanks are all part of this group buy too!

Grey - N9
Orange - V2
Blue - N5
Double-shot ABS
Cherry Profile
Range of Extra kits
Blank Relegendable Kits

Not in Australia?
TheKey.Company - Americas - Europe
zFrontier - Asia


V2 Mods



SkIIdata relegendables - V2 Orange sub legends

Blank relegendables

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