GMK Phosphorous
GMK Phosphorous
GMK Phosphorous
GMK Phosphorous
Nucleus Kit - Base ***SOLD OUT***
GMK Phosphorous
Protons Kit - Numpad ***SOLD OUT***
GMK Phosphorous
Quarks Kit - 40s & Ortho ***SOLD OUT***
GMK Phosphorous
Strong Force Kit - Spacebars ***SOLD OUT***
GMK Phosphorous
GMK Phosphorous
Rama x Phosphorous - Rama Cap ***SOLD OUT***
GMK Phosphorous


GMK Phosphorous

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GMK Phosphorous:

GMK Phosphorous

Illuminate your life with GMK Phosphorous

Born from a Rama M60-A Moon render, GMK Phosphorus is sure to light up your keyboard.

Smooth, cool greys and a luminescent blue that pops – clean and precise. This set would be incomplete without the Rama cap.

Whether you're a scientist or someone that still has glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling in your bedroom (or both) this set is for you!

Double-shot ABS
Cherry Profile
Designed by Moridin

Estimate Shipping - May 2020

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TheKey.Company (North America)
MyKeyboard.EU (Europe)
iLuMKB (Asia)

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Nucleus Kit

Protons Kit

Quarks Kit

Strong Force Kit

Neutrons Kit

RAMA x Phosphorous

Colours - Pantone


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