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Saving the best for last! GMK Olivia++ is going to be HUGE

One of the most iconic keysets from last year was GMK Olivia. While the group didn't have the largest of numbers, the post group buy demand was through the roof!

And that's why today we're happy to help bring GMK Olivia++ to life. With two full base kits, extensions, novelties, Rama cap, and deskmats, you can really lean into the Olivia aesthetic.

Double-shot ABS
Cherry Profile
Designed by Olivia

GB End - December 31st
Estimate Shipping - May 2020

Not in Australia?
NovelKeys (North America)
MyKeyboard.eu (Europe)
zFrontier (Asia)
iLumKB (Singapore)

Group buy updates here

Light Kit

Dark Kit

Spacebars Kit

Extension Kit



HiHiHi Kit

Rama Cap


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