GMK Momo Yume Deskmats
Deskmat - Girl ***SOLD OUT***
GMK Momo Yume Deskmats
Deskmat - Bubble


GMK Momo Yume Deskmats

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GMK Momo Yume:

GMK Momo Yume


Bring out the bubbly

Momo Yume means Peach Dreams. A keyset inspired by daydreams and a glass of Peach Sparkling Sake (Japanese Champagne). Colour tones to match a dreamy girl on a dreamy day.

The cosy blue-grey accented by peachy pinks make this pastel set a low-key, easy to love little number. The softness of the colours helps it fit on most boards.

Treated Cloth top
Stitched edges
Rubber bottom
Designed by KeyNes


900x400x4mm and ~800g
Machine washable (wash on cold/gentle - air dry)

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