GMK Modern Dolch

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We're proud to be in partnership with Janglad to help bring GMK Modern Dolch to Australia!

This is Daily Clack's first keyset and it's a whopper!

Dolch has cemented itself as one of the must haves with its grey alphas, white legends and darker modifiers. It's a staple that works with a huge range of keyboard colours.

However, Janglad felt the colours to be a little too warm.

With a few adjustments GMK Modern Dolch has been reborn. With slightly more Muted tones, these versatile, custom colours pair really well with silver/black boards, as well as bright vibrant teal and anything in between.

A couple of touches of flair comes in the form of an icon mod kit and spacebar kit; helping breathe life into the already popular Dolch keyset.

Once the base kits hits 500 units, I will refund everyone the difference.

Base Kit

Icon Kit

Spacebar Kit


RAMA X DOLCH CHERRY CAP is also available to pair with your GMK Modern Dolch keyset

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