GMK Inukuma
GMK Inukuma
GMK Inukuma
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GMK Inukuma
Numpad Kit ***SOLD OUT***
GMK Inukuma
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GMK Inukuma
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GMK Inukuma
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GMK Inukuma
Rama X Inukuma Artisan ***SOLD OUT***
GMK Inukuma


GMK Inukuma

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GMK Inukuma:

GMK Inukuma


There's a bear in there

Plodding through the woods is the broad shouldered black bear. He might look cute with an adorable pink snout but dont be fooled! He is definitely not friendly.

The navy is so deep and dark its almost black. Contrasting the beige-y chino coloured legends and accents in a complementary colour scheme is a perfect match.

Double-shot ABS
Cherry Profile
Designed by Influenced

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Rama Cap Estimated Shipping - 30 August 2021

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