GMK Higanbana
GMK Higanbana
GMK Higanbana
GMK Higanbana
GMK Higanbana
Base kit - Higanbana(彼岸花)
GMK Higanbana
Novelties - Tensei(転生) ***SOLD OUT***
GMK Higanbana
40s Ortho - Yomi(黄泉)
GMK Higanbana
Spacebar kit - Ku(空) ***SOLD OUT***
GMK Higanbana
Alt Mods kit - Mayo Naka(真夜中) ***SOLD OUT***
GMK Higanbana
Latin Alphas kit - Gaijin(外人) ***SOLD OUT***
GMK Higanbana
RAMA x Higabana - Flower
GMK Higanbana
Salvun x Higabana - Splatter
GMK Higanbana
Asero x Higabana - Flower


GMK Higanbana

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GMK Higabana:

GMK Higabana



A flower steeped in symbolism

Inspired by a flower called Higanbana, Also known as 彼岸花(ひがんばな), 曼珠沙華, red spider Lily. Scientific name - Lycoris radiata. The flower has a special feature where it only has the flower or leaves. Leaves bloom after the flower withers, or the opposite. This has led to several myths and backstories - Read through the interest check to dive deeper!

In a classy red, black and gold colourway it reminds you of delicately enamelled pottery and relics from the past. It makes sense that such a royal colourway should be the centre of attention on a black or red board - one that is a similar shade to what is on the set. If your'e feeling extra bold a PVD all brass board would make a stunning pairing.

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Double-shot ABS
Cherry Profile
Designed by shenshen

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