GMK First Love
GMK First Love
GMK First Love
GMK First Love
GMK First Love
Base Kit ***SOLD OUT***
GMK First Love
Novelties Kit ***SOLD OUT***
GMK First Love
Spacebar Kit ***SOLD OUT***
GMK First Love
RAMA x First Love ***SOLD OUT***
GMK First Love
Deskmat ***SOLD OUT***


GMK First Love

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GMK First Love:

GMK First Love

Celebrate your first love with GMK First Love

"The inspiration of this set was from, well, my first love. I've known her since we were five, went to the same school and grew up together. We were crazy about each other at one point during high school, so we started dating.

Senior year, college came around the corner and it just did not work out. I remember it was bittersweet, fun and heartbroken at the same time.

So much time, so many memories and so many relationships have passed, but I still think of her from time to time.

Her favorite color has always been purple, and for so long despite my original indifference to that color, it has become a part of me now. I hope this set will remind you of all the purest feelings and emotions you've ever had in your life!

And yes, that includes those nights getting wasted with your best buddy in the back of an old bar that smells like wet clothing with a big bottle of scotch trying to get over that one person you fall madly in love with!" - Otani

Double-shot ABS
Cherry Profile
Designed by Otani

Estimate Shipping - March 2020

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Base Kit

Novelties Kit

Spacebar Kit

Rama x First Love

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