GMK Dolch R5
GMK Dolch R5
GMK Dolch R5
GMK Dolch R5
GMK Dolch R5
GMK Dolch R5
Base Kit ***SOLD OUT***
GMK Dolch R5
Extension Kit ***SOLD OUT***
GMK Dolch R5
Hangul Kit ***SOLD OUT***
GMK Dolch R5
RAMA x Dolch ***SOLD OUT***


GMK Dolch R5

Sale price$286.00 AUD
Sold out
Dolch R5:

Dolch R5

Dolch with Cherry icon-text modifiers and an R5 bottom row

Despite a few variants of Dolch already out in the wild, GMK Dolch R5 brings the row 5 profile, and the classic icon text modifiers to the masses.

To facilitate a smooth GB, LightningXI has trimmed down the essential kits to two: Base & Extensions. The third kit you'll see are feature alternate Hangul sub-legends.

As an homage, a special Cherry logo RAMA keycap has been arranged for this group buy.

The question is does the R5 refer to the added profile row, or the fact that this is the 5th round?

Double-shot ABS
Cherry Profile
Designed by LightningXI

Not in Australia?
Project Keyboard (North America)
Deskhero (Canada)
Oblotzky Industries (Europe)
Monokei (SEA)
zFrontier (China)

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