[Pre-Order] GMK Delta
[Pre-Order] GMK Delta
[Pre-Order] GMK Delta
[Pre-Order] GMK Delta
[Pre-Order] GMK Delta


[Pre-Order] GMK Delta

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We Love The Way Teal Makes Us Feel!

Modern simplicity with the contrasting black and white with that burst of vibrant teal. 

An extra tab has been included in the base kit to make up an entire spare set of mods. It makes an ideal pairing with Tokyo Nights or any of the Hyperfuse variants – they share the same teal!

Double-shot ABS
Cherry Profile
Designed by Emil

Estimate Shipping - May 2020

Not in Australia?
CannonKeys (North America)
DeskHero (Canada)
MyKeyboard.EU (Europe)
IlumKB (Asia)

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