GMK Daifuku Deskmats
GMK Daifuku Deskmats
GMK Daifuku Deskmats
GMK Daifuku Deskmats


GMK Daifuku Deskmats

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GMK Daifuku:Deskmat - Daifuku Stall

Delicious strawberry mochi

Ichigo Daifuku is a popular Japanese sweet: mochi stuffed with sweet red bean paste and a big, juicy strawberry. the delicate, chewy mochi tenderly wraps the sticky filling which contrasts the bright fruit in what can only be pure bliss.

Capturing the different shades of pink and purple which peek through the thin sheet of mochi, this set will leave you daydreaming of dessert. Try to resist digging in, your keycaps don't taste as good as the real deal!

Treated Cloth top
Stitched edges
Rubber bottom
Designed by Anikeiii

900x400x4mm and ~800g
Machine washable (wash on cold/gentle - air dry)

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Kibou (Asia)
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