GMK Cyrillic Beige/WoB
GMK Cyrillic Beige/WoB
GMK Cyrillic Beige/WoB
GMK Cyrillic Beige/WoB
Beige Base ***SOLD OUT***
GMK Cyrillic Beige/WoB
White-on-Black Base ***SOLD OUT***


GMK Cyrillic Beige/WoB

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GMK Cyrillic Beige/WoB:

GMK Cyrillic Beige/WoB


Simple satisfaction

Available in two classic, well loved colourways that stand the test of time. The versatile White on Black which looks particularly excellent in a black out build and the two tone beige which will find it's home in any situation.

Cyrillic sublegends have been popular in the hobby for quite some time. The language pairs very nicely with the standard Latin text as the glyphs share similar origins and structure making them a perfect match.

Double-shot ABS
Cherry Profile
Designed by ttom

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