GMK Copper
GMK Copper
GMK Copper
GMK Copper
GMK Copper
Salvun Copper Blank ***SOLD OUT***
GMK Copper
Salvun Copper Element ***SOLD OUT***
GMK Copper
Salvun Copper Alchemy ***SOLD OUT***
GMK Copper
Base Kit ***SOLD OUT***
GMK Copper
Novelties Kit ***SOLD OUT***
GMK Copper
Spaces Kit ***SOLD OUT***
GMK Copper
Patina Deskmat ***SOLD OUT***
GMK Copper
Copper Deskmat ***SOLD OUT***
GMK Copper
Dark Copper Deskmat ***SOLD OUT***


GMK Copper

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GMK Copper:

GMK Copper

Join the GB during the first week for your chance to win a Sodiecaps artisan!

Announcing the very down-to-earth GMK Copper!

Fatboycarney, the designer of GMK Copper, is an avid coin collector. His love of the looks of patina and aged surfaces drove him to making a set inspired by it. 

Warm red and brown earth-tones contrast heavily with the bright patina-ed  copper blue accents.

For those of you really loving the theme can also grab the deskmats and the untreated copper Salvun artisans.

Double-shot ABS
Cherry profile
Designed by Fatboycarney

Cherry profile R1
Manually patinaed

GB End - February 22
Estimate Shipping - Q4 2020

Not in Australia?
Kono (North America) (Europe)
zFrontier (Asia)
DeskHero (Canada)

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