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"One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" - Neil Armstrong

Inspired by the Apollo missions, GMK Apollo revolves around the moon. It pays homage to the greats of the past and looks towards the future of space travel.

GMK Apollo takes the colours of our closest celestial body, as well as the surrounding void around it, and matches it to your keyboard.

Double-shot ABS
Cherry Profile
Designed by octix

GB End - March 25th
Estimate Shipping - December 2020

Not in Australia?
TX Keyboards (North America)
CandyKeys (Europe)
iLumKB (Asia)
Deskhero (Canada)

Group buy updates here

Command Module - Base Kit

Telemetry Module - Numpad Kit

Lunar Module - Novelties Kit

Space Module - Spacebars Kit

Propellant Module - 40s / Ortho Kit

Rocket Man - RAMA

Salvun Lander

Lost in Space Deskmat

New Horizons Deskmat

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