[GB] GMK Alter Redux
[GB] GMK Alter Redux
[GB] GMK Alter Redux
[GB] GMK Alter Redux
[GB] GMK Alter Redux
[GB] GMK Alter Redux


[GB] GMK Alter Redux

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GMK Alter Redux:Base Kit


Alter Returns

From the designer:

First, some backstory. When we were planning GMK Alter, we originally had a selection of mod colors that we were going to use. There was one that Sifo liked and wanted to use, but we thought it really didn’t match the renders, and in the end we chose a lighter gray, which was the best match to the renders that we had
sold the set based on. So, when I asked Sifo if I could run Alter R2, he said I could. However, this came with the stipulation that I had to use the mod color that he wanted initially, which takes us away from Alter R2 and into Alter Redux, which I’m fine with, so now we’re here.

TLDR: New colours, new kitting!

Double-shot ABS
Cherry Profile
Designed by Sifo 

GB End - 25 August
Estimate Shipping - Q1 2024

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