[GB] Gizmo Engineering GK6 Keyboard

[GB] Gizmo Engineering GK6 Keyboard

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The power of ortho

Designed to be as compact as possible while offering all the features you need in a daily driver keyboard. The GK6 ergonomic 50% ortholinear layout ensures a smooth typing experience while drastically reducing the distance your fingers have to travel.

The reduction in the number of keys is compensated by the use of layers, to access all the secondary characters and functions. The GK6 is shipped with a sensible layout, but thanks to the power of the open-source QMK firmware it's fully customizable to your heart's desire.

Thanks to the hot-swap sockets, and the extensive keyset, the bottom row offers multiple layout configurations:
8X1U 2X2U
10X1U 1X2U

GK6 comes semi-assembled, no soldering needed. You will need to install the switches in the hot-swap sockets, mount the keyset, and plug it in.

Works with most Cherry MX Compatible Switches
RGB: each key has its own RGB led
Fully programmable thanks to the QMK firmware™
Connectivity: USB-C
Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, IOS
Each casing is marked with the progressive production number
2-year limited warranty
Made in Italy

Group buy end - 28 February
Estimated shipping Q3 2022

Kit Includes
1x GK6 main board
1x GK6 plate
1x GK6 case
1x GK6 XDA keyset (63x 1U, 2x 2U)
10x M3x6 screws
4x rubber feets
1x USB C to USB A cable
1x Switches puller
1x Quickstart guide
2x Gizmo Engineering stickers

Silicone Dampener Kit Includes
1x GK6 silicone dampener
4x Plastic screws
2x Gizmo Engineering stickers

case: unibody machined aluminium, with Cerakote™ finish
keys plate: laser cut steel plate, with Cerakote™ finish
keycaps: PBT, XDA profile, sublimated legend
dimensions: 250 ⨯ 116 ⨯ 31 mm
weight: 810g

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