Gazzew U4Tx Tactile Switches
Gazzew U4Tx Tactile Switches
Clear top (RGB) / 70 ***SOLD OUT***
Gazzew U4Tx Tactile Switches
Gazzew U4Tx Tactile Switches
White top / 70 ***SOLD OUT***


Gazzew U4Tx Tactile Switches

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GAZZEW U4TX Thocky Tactile Switch

The GAZZEW U4T is one of the best tactile Switches you can currently get for your mechanical keyboard. It combines a smooth tactile feeling with a deep thocky sound profile.

The new GAZZEW U4TX has special silent rails which dampen the upstroke which leads to only the bottoming out having a sound. The Switches are made with the newly used Material which is not discolored while using EVA foam on your keyboard.

 For those in need of RGB please purchase the clear top variant.

  • Type: Thock tactile switch ("D" bump profile)
  • Plastic: Proprietary new plastic (not Boba plastic)
  • Spring weights: 65g
  • Base Style: PCB-Mount (5-leg), the RGB Version only supports SMD lights
  • Socket support: Compatible with all socket types - Outemu, Kailh, and Gateron