[GB] Foundation Gamma Keyboard Kit

[GB] Foundation Gamma Keyboard Kit

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AxolStudio's feature packed TKL

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Seamless, Screwless, F13 TKL designed and built around the utmost quality featuring premium plate options and a polished stainless steel internal weight.

Designed around the use of heavy linear or tactile switches, simple and classic design language thrives with a splash of something special from the two-tone colour options.

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Estimated Shipping Q1 2023

Gasket mount
7° typing angle
19mm front height
3kg built weight
ANSI plate layout
USB-C daughter board
QMK/VIA compatibility

Case Top, WK or WKL (ALU)
Case Bottom (ALU)
Plate (FR4 default)
Weight (SS)
MechsandCo Carrying Case

Not in Australia?
MechsandCo (US)
mykeyboard.eu (EU)
Prototypist (UK)
Deskhero (CA)
zFrontier (CN)
Hex (SEA)

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