ePBT Solaria
ePBT Solaria
ePBT Solaria
ePBT Solaria
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ePBT Solaria
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ePBT Solaria
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ePBT Solaria
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ePBT Solaria
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ePBT Solaria
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ePBT Solaria
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ePBT Solaria
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ePBT Solaria
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ePBT Solaria
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ePBT Solaria

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ePBT Solaria:

ePBT Solaria


The death of a star

Left in the wake of the white dwarf comes the black hole. What once provided light and heat now inhales everything around it. ePBT Solaria contrasts the twinkling universe against the depth of the darkness.

A monocoloured base that lets the legends give the set it's subtle character. Pair this set with a grey board or something that matches the colours of the legends.

  • Made in China by enjoyPBT
  • Cherry profile (1-1-2-3-4-4)
  • Compatible with MX style switches
  • 1.5mm thick PBT plastic
  • Designed by Pupper
KBDFans (Worldwide)
ValaSupply (US)
AshKeebs (CA)
Candykeys (EU)
Swagkeys (KR)


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