[GB] ePBT Sniper

[GB] ePBT Sniper

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Take cover!

Designed around Raravin's original character - Sara. Take aim through your sight and pull the trigger on this ePBT offering. 

Taking the colours that make Sara who she is - the cyan hair and her army green jumpsuit - and placing them on the cool white blank canvas in a classic mod/alpha split. The stark contrast between the two tones is unified by the cyan legends. 

Dye-Sublimation PBT
Cherry Profile
Designed by Raravin

GB End - 28 May
Estimate Shipping - Q4 2021
Rama Cap Estimated Shipping - 9 November 2021

Not in Australia?
Mekibo (US)
Deskhero (CA)
MyKeyboard (EU)
Ilumkb (SEA)
KBDFans (Worldwide)

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