ePBT SimpleJA R2
ePBT SimpleJA R2
ePBT SimpleJA R2
ePBT SimpleJA R2
ePBT SimpleJA R2
Base Kit ***SOLD OUT***
ePBT SimpleJA R2
Numpad Kit ***SOLD OUT***
ePBT SimpleJA R2
Spacebar Kit ***SOLD OUT***
ePBT SimpleJA R2
Extension Kit ***SOLD OUT***
ePBT SimpleJA R2
ePBT SimpleJA R2
Function Kit ***SOLD OUT***


ePBT SimpleJA R2

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ePBT SimpleJA R2:

ePBT SimpleJA R2


The Past In the Present

SimpleJA recreates the vintage "cross-positioned" legends of vintage Japanese keyboards with legends as faithful to historical examples as possible.
Many hours of research were conducted to implement historically-existent legends; those that did not exist in the past were crafted anew to blend in with the rest.

ePBT SimpleJA's kitting has been revised significantly from R1 to R2 to improve compatibility with a wider variety of layouts including ergo, ortho, and compact boards. In addition to an optimized base kit which covers the typical, niche kits such as the ortho and JIS/ISO kits have been revamped to bring the retro aesthetic to the most unique of keyboards.

  • Made in China by enjoyPBT
  • Cherry profile (4-4-3-2-1-1)
  • Compatible with MX style switches
  • 1.5mm thick PBT plastic
  • Designed by Ai03
Kbdfans (Worldwide)
ApexKeyboard (CA)
Mykeyboard (EU)
Mechboards (UK)

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