ePBT Acid House and Sweet Girl Cable

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ePBT Acid House and Sweet Girl Cable

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Two sides of the same coin

There is an unlikely crossover in the two themes for this set. Sharing a colourway are the prismatic pastels of acid art and the sweet, lighthearted colours of a sweet girl's bedroom. Get sweaty on the dance-floor or pick up some musk lollies from the local milk bar!

Perfectly paired pastels can be personalised with your choice of novelties. The choice is in your hands! On offer is also the themed D60 Lite to complete the look.

Cable Spec
Coil shrink color: Matching Gradient Polyolefin
Host cable shrink color: White Polyolefin
Detachable connector: Aviator (5 pins)
Total cable length: 42~ inches = 106~cm (1% variance)
Coil length: 7.1~ inches = 18cm
Outer coil diameter: 1~ inch = 25mm
Manufactured by KBDFans

Not in Australia?
KBDFans (Worldwide)
Kono Store (US)
Deskhero (CA)
CandyKeys (EU)
Klikity Shop (PH)

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