[GB] Elongate (Mini 1800) Keyboard Kit

[GB] Elongate (Mini 1800) Keyboard Kit

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Mini 1800 has never looked this good!

Slotting in somewhere between 40 to 50% layout size, Elongate is striking compact keyboard.

Featuring split space, a numpad rather than a numrow, protruded arrow cluster, LED indicators between the split space and next to the numpad. Did we mentioned that there's also underglow RGB?

As this is a kit, the PCB needs to be soldered, and you will require switches, stabilisers, and keycaps, to complete the build

Extras available here

Designed by Misterkeebs
7.0° Angle
Aluminium Plate
Top mount
QMK and VIA compatible PCB
RGB Underglow
808g - 1.41kg fully built

Top and Bottom case
Brass mid layer & Acrylic diffuser
QMK and VIA compatible PCB

GB End - 30 July
Estimate Shipping - Q1 2021

Not in Australia?
Project Keyboard North America)
MyKeyboardEU (Europe)
iLumKB (Asia)


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