[GB] Dusk Panda Switches

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[GB] Dusk Panda Switches

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Shipping Q1 2021

BSUN manufactured linears and tactiles

It has been a while since we got to release some BSUN goodies but here they are!

Orange Dusk is the tactile variant: strong tactility at the top of travel similar to that of a T1. The Blue Dusk switch is a linear designed to compete with the smoothest out there right now.

Please note that while the final product will have a BSUN logo, the samples pictured do not.

Orange Group Buy start date: 19/11/20
Blue Group Buy start date: 27/11/20
Group buy ends when MOQ reached
Estimated Shipping Q1 2021

Orange Dusk Panda
Designed by AlphaKeys
Manufactured by BSUN
Tactile 67g
Smokey PC top and bottom
Custom POM stem (NOT a Halo or YOK Purple stem, similar to T1)
PCB Mount - 5pin
LED compatible

Blue Dusk Panda
Designed by AlphaKeys
Manufactured by BSUN
Linear 62g
Smokey PC top and bottom
POM stem
PCB Mount - 5pin
LED compatible

Sold in packs of 10

Not in Australia?
Proto[Typist] (EU)

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