Daily Clack Redback Linear Switches
Daily Clack Redback Linear Switches


Daily Clack Redback Linear Switches

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Daily Clack's first custom colour switches are these Redback linears from DuRock!

Made from the same smokey housing that the T1 switch comes in, we've opted for a linear stem, coupled with the gold plated 67g spring.

To help reinforce the fact that the Redback is a linear switch, we've stuck with the conventional red stem, that gives these switches their own, unique appeal.

On their own, they're incredibly smooth, though we see no harm in adding a thin layer of 206 to the railing. This will help dampen even more operational sound, and boost the typing feel of each switch.

Made by DuRock
Linear 67g
PCB Mount - 5pin
LED compatible
Gold plated spring

Sold in packs of 10