DuRock Plate Mount Stabilisers
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DuRock Plate Mount Stabilisers
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DuRock Plate Mount Stabilisers

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Premium stabilisation on a budget 

These plate mounted Durock Stabilisers are a great budget option for beginners to the mechanical keyboard hobby. They provide a premium option for a lot of boards that would otherwise be stuck with a more default inclusion.

Make sure you know what kind of stabilisers your PCB supports, most mass produced keyboards, like Drop ALT/CTRL, GK61, etc. use plate mounted stabilisers. Most higher end, custom/DIY keyboards will use PCB screw-in (Durock V2 stabilisers).

Each 60% kit comes with
4*2u Stabiliers
Both 6.25u and 7u
Gold Plated Wire
10 Screws
Washers included

These are plate mounted stabilisers