[GB] DCS Soware Revival
[GB] DCS Soware Revival
[GB] DCS Soware Revival
[GB] DCS Soware Revival

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[GB] DCS Soware Revival

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In the early days of the hobby SoWaRe was ran on the OTD.KR forum, bundled with the OTD Cheat keyboard. It has been reran multiple times with Icon mods and in GMK but this version aims to provide version closer to the original.

Running as a one kit group buy, this two-tone grey set is a throwback to the old school. It's neutral greys are accented with RGB color-scheme legends - as well as paying homage to the original WYSE yellow accents.

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Designed by Ankit


Group Buy End - 1 February
Estimate Shipping - Q4 2023

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