[GB] DCS Guardian
[GB] DCS Guardian
[GB] DCS Guardian
[GB] DCS Guardian
[GB] DCS Guardian
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[GB] DCS Guardian
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[GB] DCS Guardian
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[GB] DCS Guardian
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[GB] DCS Guardian
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[GB] DCS Guardian
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[GB] DCS Guardian
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[GB] DCS Guardian
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[GB] DCS Guardian

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DCS Guardian:

DCS Guardian

Estimated Shipping Q3 2023

Overseeing armies

The noble owl, seen throughout greek mythology as a protector of their army and a symbol of Athena, the goddess of battle. Wide eyes full of wisdom and two-tone feathers to blend in with their surroundings makes for an agile and deadly night time hunter.

DCS Guardian is a take on a classic colour combination – beige and blue. The warmer off-whites are accented by dusty blues in a complimentary colour scheme as old as the mythology surrounding owls themselves.

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Designed by Sax


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Estimate Shipping - Q3 2023

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