[GB] DCS Estate
[GB] DCS Estate
[GB] DCS Estate
[GB] DCS Estate
[GB] DCS Estate
[GB] DCS Estate
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[GB] DCS Estate
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[GB] DCS Estate
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[GB] DCS Estate
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[GB] DCS Estate
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[GB] DCS Estate
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[GB] DCS Estate

Sale price$176.00 AUD
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DCS Estate:

DCS Estate

Estimated Shipping Q2 2023

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DCS Estate is a beige ABS DCS set with centred legends, colourful front printing, and a focus on 40s support (without sacrificing wider compatibility), to pay homage to a vintage keyboard found in someone's basement.

The front prints have been inspired by terminal boards and battle-station set ups from the past. Chunky, colourful icons take this set back in time to when we had much simpler input devices.

DCS Profile
Designed by s8erdude


Group Buy End - 20 May
Estimate Shipping - Q2 2023

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