[GB] DCS Dark Sky
[GB] DCS Dark Sky
[GB] DCS Dark Sky
[GB] DCS Dark Sky
[GB] DCS Dark Sky
[GB] DCS Dark Sky
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[GB] DCS Dark Sky
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[GB] DCS Dark Sky

Signature Plastics

[GB] DCS Dark Sky

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DCS Dark Sky:

DCS Dark Sky

Estimated Shipping Q3 2023

Venturing into the past

This set is based on Soware, a little known but beloved set from the early years of the hobby. Many of the colors in this set are the same stock Signature Plastics colors that were used on the original, in an effort to create a faithful reimagining of what the original Soware would look like in a darker shade. With all the charm of the original cult classic, DCS Dark Sky will look great on almost any keyboard.

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Designed by Puddsy


Group Buy End - 19 August
Estimate Shipping - Q3 2023

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