[GB] D60Lite x ePBT 6085 Keyboard Kit

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[GB] D60Lite x ePBT 6085 Keyboard Kit

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Beauty in simplicity

In collaboration with ePBT 6085, Wei of KBDFans is running a matching version of the D60Lite in injection moulded beige ABS. This plastic case is a perfect match to the theme. With the keyset being inspired by the Xerox 6085 - a vintage board that would have been made with injection moulded plastic itself - the caps will feel right at home.

The polycarbonate plate is held in suspension with either silicon or foam gaskets in an isolation style gasket mount. Consistent mounting points around the edges of the plate are sure to provide a unified typing experience.

Typing angle 6°
Gasket mount
RGB hot-swappable PCB
QMK and VIA supportable
Type-C USB

Polycarbonate Plate
KBDfans transparent stabs
2 sets of gaskets
Switch foam
Bottom silicone pad
Top and bottom case

GB End - 16 May
Estimate Shipping - Q4 2021

Not in Australia?
Keyspresso (US)
KBDFans (Worldwide)

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