[GB] Choc MBK Low-Profile Keycaps
[GB] Choc MBK Low-Profile Keycaps
[GB] Choc MBK Low-Profile Keycaps

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[GB] Choc MBK Low-Profile Keycaps

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Entirely new low-profile keycaps

There are not many alternatives available on the market right now for Choc switches, and none of them meet the quality standards we would like to see.

After 3D-printing them, and several iterations on the different sizes (angles, homing bump, etc.), u/mburger89 now feels confident enough to have them produced.

The homing keycap is innovative in the sense that it is neither the usual bump, or bar or scoop. As you can see on the image below, the front side is horizontal (ie. no scoop) with a tactile ridge that your fingertips will recognize instantly.

Scooped and flat options
White or Black
2u Stabiliser support

Planck kit contains
1u x 46
1u homing x 2
2u x 2

GB End - February 14
Estimate Shipping - April 2020

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