Cherry Hyperglides (MX Brown)


Cherry Hyperglides (MX Brown)

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The final form of browns

“Hyperglide” is both the name and description given to Cherry’s production of switches using their updated tooling. The results are switches with increased smoothness, tighter tolerances, and an increased service life of over 100 million actuations.

Many of our first interactions with the mechanical keyboard world started with the grandfather of these babies right here: the humble Cherry Brown. The hyperglide variant's new tooling brings them back to the forefront, bringing them up to the standards to be comparable with more modern switches.

  • Pretravel: 2 ± 0.6 mm
  • Actuation force: ± 45 cN
  • Total Travel: 4mm
  • Pre-Travel: 2mm
  • Tactile Switch
  • >100 million keystrokes lifespan
  • 5 pin PCB Mount
  • Black Nylon Housing
  • Sold in packs of 10