[GB] Cary Works C11 & ViewEdge

[GB] Cary Works C11 & ViewEdge

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Miniature madness

Designed based on the classic Original Macintosh, the view edge is an Apple themed mini display pair-able with your computer via an HDMI port. Use it as a tiny second display or use it in the Function mode as a monitoring device or even a simple little clock! Not only is it a functional little screen, it is amazing addition to bring a vintage dynamic to your desk.

Especially when paired with the C11 - an 11 key macro pad inspired by (what Cary Works) believes to be the pinnacle of keyboard design: the M0110. With a plastic window around the port it is capable of wireless connection making it a fantastic and simple addition to your workflow.

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ViewEdge Details
Aluminium and brass parts
Black - EP-black

Copper parts - Transparent plating, anti-oxidation
White - EP-white
Switch between extended display and function mode with the inbuilt toggle switch

C11 Details
Aluminium top and bottom
Brass Accent
Black - EP-black

White - EP-white
Wireless, hot-swap, RGB, QMK/VIA Compatible PCB


ViewEdge Function Overview

1. Connection
Use HDMI cable to connect ViewEdge to the computer graphics interface, plug in the power cord, the computer will automatically recognize the secondary screen, right-click on the desktop, select "Display Settings", you can see the connected ViewEdge, individual computers please manually adjust "Display direction" to get a better display effect. Select "Advanced display settings", you can see the detailed parameters of ViewEdge

Note:The default wiring of the driver board is WIN mode, this firmware achieves the best effect under WIN. There are two buttons on the drive board, one is a switch (basically not used), and the other is a firmware switch. After pressing it, it will switch to firmware 2. Firmware 2 is a compatible firmware, compatible with WIN and MAC (but under WIN, it is not as good as The first firmware works well)

2. Compatibility

Support intel core graphics, N-type graphics, A-type graphics, both MAC and Win systems are supported
Can not be compatible with AMD core graphics
Can not be compatible with PS, XBOX, NS and other host devices
Raspberry Pi Config Link

3. Function

Electronic photo album
Video player
Performance monitoring
Clock & Weather
Reminder function
Decoration needs

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