[GB] Bulwark TKL Keyboard Kit - Extras
[GB] Bulwark TKL Keyboard Kit - Extras
[GB] Bulwark TKL Keyboard Kit - Extras

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[GB] Bulwark TKL Keyboard Kit - Extras

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Bulwark TKL Keyboard Kit:Extra - Aluminium Plate

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Underglow specialist

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The goal of this project was to make a keyboard with smooth high end underglow focussed design choices with cost efficiency in mind to give it a beautiful desk presence without excess design features hidden on the back. Feel no guilt having this board sit right way up on your desk thanks to its front facing design features.

The PCB is designed by Hineybush and is a white edition of the H88 PCB. It has RGB Underglow, Daughterboard + JST cable, comes pre-flashed and is configurable with QMK and VIA.

We have opted to only offer the carry case upgrade to ensure safe shipping and storage. This means by default you will be receiving a carry case.

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Estimated Shipping Q3 2023

TKL Layout
6° typing angle
19mm front height
2kg built

Not in Australia?
US: Mech's and Co.
EU: Keygem
CA: Deskhero
UK: Prototypist